• The SHS curriculum is an INTEGRATED British based curriculum taught with the true wisdom of the Word of God. All basic curriculum materials are sourced locally and from the UK.
    Bible studies, ICT, PSHE, Music, French, Art, Social Studies, History, and Geography are taught along with the core subjects of Literacy (reading, writing and spelling), Mathematics and Science. Social studies was specifically introduced to give students an appreciation for and understanding of the Nigerian culture.
    SHS has differentiated paths of instruction in CORE subjects for all students so as to ensure that learning needs are met and children are learning at their own pace.
    In addition students are assessed weekly and exams are written at the end of every term. Preschool to Reception do not write termly examination.
    SHS students in key stage 2 are prepared to write various exams in year 6 in order to give them different options for secondary school. Preparatory classes for these exams are included in their daily timetable and Saturday lessons from 10am-2pm are made compulsory for students in year 6 only.

    The mission of this great institution is to train and empower children to stand out anywhere they find themselves. The aim is to fill them with the Spirit of God and the excellent traits of Jesus Christ, in order to lead their generation as responsible and trustworthy leaders.
    Building children for life, one child at a time through Christian values and the character of our Lord Jesus Christ, the soon coming King.
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    Faith – Based School
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    • Creche
      Baby and Toddler
      • 3-24
        Month Olds
      • 11
        Class size
    • Play Group
      Class name
      • Late Bloomers.
        Special class
      • Babies that turn 2 after 31/08
        Year Olds
    • Pre - School
      Pre - School
      • 2 - 3
        Year Olds
      • 14
        Class Size
    • Nursery
      Class name
      • 3-4
        Year Olds
      • 14
        Class Size
    • Reception
      • 4-5
        Year Olds
      • 16
        Class size
    • Primary
      Class name
      • 6-11
        Year Olds
      • 20
        Class Size
  • Welcome to SafeHands Schools (SHS) website. Our Website gives you a glimpse of daily life at SHS.

    Look around and you will see that our staff (Teachers and Administrators) are all committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for our children and our jewels by providing the best learning opportunities using the EYFS and enhanced British Curriculum.

    Our strong Christian identity is a point of pride.

  • Kindly browse through our site, and you will see that we offer a rich educational experience that combines academic social, spiritual, artistic, extracurricular and after school care elements to help each child develop to his or her fullest potential, and you will also see many ways that parents can get involved as well.

    Our website will provide you with information about the special programs both academic and extra curricular that sets our early years and elementary school apart from other educational options in the city. You will also find our school calendar and our weekly newsletters to keep you on top of all that is going on at SHS
    We look forward to getting to know you and to learning how we can serve you and your family. We thank our current parents for entrusting their children  to our care and we look forward to welcoming new families to our school community in the near future

    Esther N. ( Head of School)

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    • Safehands school is an ideal school with trained and capable teachers for every child. The school is known to be consistent in producing children that are educationally sound with high moral values. Safehands attends to every child individually according to their learning abilities to ensure every child is groomed to have confidence. I wish to state that i have no regrets enrolling my kids in this citadel where learning is fun.

      Mrs. ODO
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