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Designed and built with care, filled with creative elements


To provide high quality Christian education that delivers a transformative learning experience to all our pupils


To become a leading institution providing outstanding holistic education which maximizes learning for every pupil

Welcome to SafeHands Schools

At SafeHands we deploy effective teaching based on our core values and the best practice in the British/Nigerian curriculum, which enables children at our school to achieve academic and spiritual growth.


Our school is a warm and welcoming place where children’s experience meets their individual needs. This is done through the use of stimulating resources and rich learning opportunities, which are relevant to all the children’s cultures and communities. Good hygiene is promoted and our children are safe and secure. It is also an environment that provides a strong partnership between practitioners and parents.


Teaching and learning experiences in Safehands’ Schools is packed with a broad range of knowledge and skills to ensure that our children have the right foundation for outstanding progress through life. We also use outdoor provisions for play and extended learning. In our school, teaching and learning resources are displayed ubiquitously to promote independent learning. We provide inclusive education services, our children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe.


Our facilities which include, but are not limited to, a well-equipped Library, Music and Art rooms, Science and ICT labs, Curriculum Support/ Special Educational Needs (SEN) Department, Multipurpose halls, adequate play areas and health unit are aesthetically designed, contemporary, comfortable, easily accessible, well illuminated and ventilated, spacious, safe and secure. This provides a conducive environment which enhances learning and constructive play.


Structured and Unstructured Play which includes varied creative activities is explored at SafeHands Schools to help quicken Children’s thought process. Children can explore the world around them using both real-life and improvised materials which aid learning. We aim to encourage every child to take part in planned and unplanned activities.


Our various e-learning platforms help to prepare children for the digital future, as they stand at an advantage whenever they are opportune to use a wide range of devices and software. We encourage the use of devices within a safe learning environment, thereby nurturing responsible digital citizens, who can think, learn and innovate.

Moral Values

Instilling patriotism, etiquette and good Christian ethos is of utmost importance to us, and at the core of our values at Safehands Schools. Children are groomed to be stellar global citizens wherever they may be found, doing our God and nation proud.

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Latest Events

These are some of the recent events carried out in safeHand school both indoors and outdoors

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Sport Day

SafeHands schools Sports Day seeks to be an amazing activity as children get to participate in various sports activities. Our ...
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Community Helpers

Compassion is an important part of good social development, and there are many excellent ways for children to practice being ...
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Our Happy Parents

Our kids love the school and we love the diversity and the parent community. We are very happy with our choice

Mrs. Adebayo


This school is amazing! Every teacher and staff member I met have been beyond amazing. I would definitely recommend SafeHands School

Mr. Johnson


SafeHands Schools has been our home for over 12 years now. Two of of our kids have passed through the school and one is still in the school. I would say SafeHands Schools is as the name implies a "safe place'...it has helped us mold ,discipline,engage and educate our children, all while having fun.

May Onaga


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