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The SHS curriculum is an INTEGRATED British based curriculum taught with the true wisdom of the Word of God. All basic curriculum materials are sourced locally and from the UK.
Bible studies, ICT, PSHE, Music, French, Art, Social Studies, History, and Geography are taught along with the core subjects of Literacy (reading, writing and spelling), Mathematics and Science. Social studies was specifically introduced to give students an appreciation for and understanding of the Nigerian culture.
SHS has differentiated paths of instruction in CORE subjects for all students so as to ensure that learning needs are met and children are learning at their own pace.
In addition students are assessed weekly and exams are written at the end of every term. Preschool to Reception do not write termly examination.
SHS students in key stage 2 are prepared to write various exams in year 6 in order to give them different options for secondary school. Preparatory classes for these exams are included in their daily timetable for year 5 to 6 after after regular school hours from Tuesday’s to Friday’s.

Appointment with the school will give you and your child an opportunity to know more about the teachers and views about the classrooms

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