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Primary Curriculum

In our Primary section, our classes are comprised of Key Stage 1 (Year 1&2), Lower Key Stage 2 (Year 3&4) and Upper Key Stage 2 (Year 5 &6). We encourage children to be academically inquisitive and to continue to develop as independent learners, showing initiative and leadership skills as they progress at SafeHands Schools, Abuja.

Using the National Curriculum for England as a guide, our children in Key Stage 1 are independent and high performing learners who take pride in their learning and are motivated to do well. We create a learning environment in which students are encouraged to extend and challenge their learning; to analyse and reflect; to take risks; and to develop intellectual confidence. We strive to ensure that all students achieve at a high level and carefully plan learning and development around the individual needs and interests of each pupil. Our modern assessment methods ensure that every child makes continuous progress.

The high level of teaching and pastoral guidance implemented in Key Stage 2 fosters positive development in all our students and supports them in becoming independent and progressive learners. We place great emphasis on providing a broad range of additional opportunities for students to develop their individual interests and passions. We encourage participation and aim for high performance. Our extensive extra-curricular activities programme provides opportunities to inspire and support children to gain the skills and competencies necessary to fulfil their potential. Our extra–curricular activities take place in the afternoons after school. Students have the opportunity to pick from some of clubs and activities each term, including: Sports, Arts & Crafts, STEAM, Dance/ Drama / Symphony Orchestra, Local and Foreign Languages, Music, Science, I Can Cook amongst others.

In addition to the external examinations, children get the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of Music and French in ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Examination) and DELFPRIM (Official Diploma of French Language Studies). In these exams, students benefits from a very positive evaluation which guarantees a very high success rate.

Our aim is to ensure that the high standards achieved by our KS2 children prepare them for the best possible transfer into secondary school. They leave us as highly engaged and self-motivated learners, well equipped with the knowledge, skills and the learning tools to achieve their goals and develop as confident global learners.

In KS2 our children are encouraged to develop leadership skills and become more globally aware yet locally grounded by assuming responsibilities within one of the student engagement groups, such as House Captains, Student Council or Class captains. Through our formal and informal curriculum we support all children in developing social confidence; to be self-reliant and self-disciplined; and to form positive relationships with children and adults.

Appointment with the school will give you and your child an opportunity to know more about the teachers and views about the classrooms

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